New Additions: Magnet buttons and Magnetic Pendant Necklaces

New Additions: Magnet buttons and Magnetic Pendant Necklaces

The six-month mark for Pooka Creations is coming up in early September! I’ve already sent my pinback buttons to many areas of the world and look forward to bringing smiles to more and more people as time goes on.

Why are pinbacks so fun and popular? It’s pretty simple. Pinback buttons can easily be pinned to nearly any fabric, from thin cotton to canvas. They’re a great way to show style, share your brand of humor with others, and sometimes (with the right button) you can show a tiny bit of activist spirit without going over the top.

Popular items to adorn with pinback buttons are jackets, hats, backpacks, messenger bags and purses. I have also seen pinback buttons on canvas belts and suspenders! So yeah. Pinbacks may be great fun, but one inch buttons are way more versatile than that. I’m embracing that fact, and Pooka Creations is expanding into magnet buttons and interchangeable magnetic jewelry.

The magnets I use are high quality and super-strong. Buttons will stick with ease to all sorts of metal surfaces such as a fridge or a locker, and are capable of holding multiple sheets of paper at once; up to 6 full size sheets in my tests. Or they can just sit there and look pretty. A decorated fridge is a happy fridge.

And of course, those magnet buttons are 100% compatible with Pooka Creations magnetic jewelry bases, as seen in the photo above!

Click through the photo to head over to the Pooka Creations shop on Etsy. Browse around, see if anything makes you smile.


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